Thursday, March 04, 2010

Balance Awareness Exercises for Snowboarders

During my Olympic spectating, I saw Graham Wantanabe interview about some of his training. The clip showed him running across the gym and jumping up onto a "swiss ball." While his stunt was impressive, it is also somewhat of a circus act.

About 10 years ago or so, a number of balance tools starting coming onto the scene with the growing interest of functional training. At the time, the more "wild" and "crazy" the exercises....the better it was ASSUMED to be. On a quest to create "functional" conditioning programs that would enhance someones performance or function, some of these exercises would in fact create the exact opposite - dysfunction!

So this video clip is meant to serve as a regression of Mr. Wantanabe's rendition to help create a few steps that could be taken before you attempt any leaps onto a ball (which I know someone WILL try after seeing him do it).

Either way, have fun and be safe!


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