Thursday, September 04, 2008

Holy Hanna!!!

If only it was cold out... could you imagine how much snow Hanna would have dumped this past weekend? One can only wonder!?

We hope everyone had a great summer with lots of "playtime" and not so much of the worktime (yes, there are people like this).

As we prepare for a new season (mentally, physically and financially too), we can't help but have feelings of excitement for what is about to come.

Ski and Snowboard Mags are already starting to hit the shelves and mailboxes with various gear reviews and numerous articles on this year's "Hot Spots" and destinations that are sure to please.

We too are exciting for this year's season as we are also working on the few things of our own. As you wait in suspense, we will let the cat out of the bag a little later.

Let us say, that we (and everyone involved) is VERY excited for this project!

It will be snowing before you know it!
The SNOtrainers

PS - "It is the excitement of becoming - always becoming, trying, probing, falling, resting, and trying again - but always trying and always gaining..."
Lyndon B. Johnson

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