Thursday, November 20, 2008

MYTH #4: Warming up for Skiing/Snowboarding is useless!

Myth #4 - “Warming up before skiing/riding is useless!”

Some agree, while some will disagree. I have found that the determining factor with whether someone warms up or not is whether they have had an injury. Being "sidelined" is an experience that nobody wants to experience and the sooner we get back the better. And once we get back "in the game," we don't want to come back out so we will take the necessary (and preventative) actions to keep that from happening.

What classifies as a "warm-up" anyways? Perhaps we should discuss the goals of the warm-up.
A warm up should help prepare you for activity by:

  • Increase core temperature

  • Activate prime movers

  • Activate stabilizing muscles

  • Activate core musculature

  • Mobilize ankles, hips and thoracic spine

  • Stimulate nervous system

What are some or the "routines" that are practiced before we get out onto the slopes?

  • Some leg pulling stretches

  • Some hip circles

  • Some wall leans (as if trying to push wall down)

  • Some toe reaches

  • Some easy warm-up runs

  • Some do nothing at all

After looking at the list of goals list, it may look somewhat daunting. Whatever you choose to do before the snow festivities begin is entirely up to you. However, if done properly, you should be ready to perform on that first run and with that you should also have the internal protection of your nervous system to keep you from watching from the sidelines.

We have an activation sequence that takes only 2 minutes and you can even go through it with all your gear on. You may even opt to do it on the slopes before you ride the first chair or as soon as you ride off.

Either safe and have fun!

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