Monday, October 01, 2007

How to build strong and stable ski legs!

Dear Snow Enthusiast,

Welcome to our ski exercise blog! This ski exercise video demonstration goes hand in hand with the latest SNOWEAST Magazine Sno Training column.

Is your movement machinery ready for the best winter ever?

Are you truly satisfied with your skiing fitness level right now?

Make sure you will be! Expect success!

Ski You Later!

Alex & Tommi "The Snotrainers"

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Anonymous said...

How about some single-leg deads or goodmornings for the posterior chain? keep it up!

Alex Chemerov & Tommi Paavola said...

Thanks for your participation and your question. We are very impressed with your identification of posterior chain exercises!

Both are great examples of hip extensor training. Good mornings are a challenge for some since the load (usually a barbell) is placed on top of the shoulders which makes for a really long moment arm (distance from axis to load).

With exercise selection, look for movements in which the "natural" movement patterns are re-enforced. For example, how many movements require the body to hip flex WITHOUT motion at any other part of the body (except for getting the groceries out of your trunk).

Just some food for thought...look to "nourish" your body with movements that are "functional" for what your daily/performance activities require.

The SNObrains

Anonymous said...

If you've ever see anyone do single leg deads you know there's plenty of movements going on. Same with the single leg squat. Throw in a Bosu and enjoy the show.

I enjoy "functional exercises". They're icing on the cake.