Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome to the SnoTrainer's Blog

Thank you for your interest in our SnoTrainer's web blog.

The skiing season 07-08 is about to be launched. The first skiing magazines are finding their way into my mailbox. I honestly thought it would be hard to get people interested in the upcoming skiing season in the beginning of September...I was so wrong!

I feel like I was the last one to crawl out of the summer hole. Everyone else is already booking ski vacations and drooling over the buyer's guides.

Anyway, I can definitely feel the refreshing breeze of winter enthusiasm myself and the "SnoTrainers" are definitely excited for the new year with some new tricks.

One of the new "tricks" of the season are:

1. SNOWEAST Magazine + SnoTraining Column

We are excited to announce our involvement with SNOWEAST, a skiing magazine that caters to the East Coast.

Look for our "SNO TRAINING" Ski/Riding conditioning column in every issue this season, brought to you by SNOWEAST and The first issue with the first SnoTraining column will be published in October 2007.

The SNO TRAINING column introduces various exercises for skiing and also provides interactive ski exercise information in this web blog. The exercises from the column will be posted here with pictures and videos.

2. Ski Exercise Training System - S.E.T.S.

A comprehensive preparation plan in order to condition the skier's body for the demands of various terrain and conditions. It is a periodized exercise program for skiers who want to make the most out of this skiing season.

We hope to meet you here for the launch of the first SnowEast Magazine and the SnoTraining column in October.

Until then, stay in touch!

Train hard, ski harder!

Alex and Tommi

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