Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cury's Ski Exercise Camp November 17th

This camp is for anyone who wants to:

* Improve their “on the snow” performance for skiing or snowboarding.
* Lower the risk of injury.
* Get the most out of their Ski Vacation.
* Get the “side effects” of ski exercises – less fat to fit better into those ski pants!

What: Group Ski Exercise Training Session
When: Starting Saturday November 17th at 9AM
Where: Cury’s Sport Shop Parking Lot (966 Rt. 17 North Ramsey, NJ. 07446)
How to sign up: Email your name and email address to snowbrains@trainforskivacation.com OR call Cury’s at 201.327.4561 and ask for Chris

Scheduled Sessions:
November 17th
November 24th
December 1st
*December 8th – OFF
December 15th
December 22nd

Additional Info:

The Camp will run every Saturday at 9am for a total of 5 Weeks and each session will last about 60 minutes. The first session is complementary for everyone. Anyone interested in continuing for the next 4 Sessions may do so for $80. Come prepared to workout in the outdoors – rain or shine!



Add a little twist to your core training!

I don't know where you live but here in the Northeast it is getting colder every day...winter is going to be here before we know it!

Patience is not one our best virtues when it comes to waiting for snow. However, preparing our bodies for the slopes as we wait for the white stuff is not a bad idea, don't you think?

Also, you can use the colder weather to climatize yourself for the winter months. Go outside and walk the dog, chop some wood, sleep in the shed...do something..!

Enjoy the fall!

Alex & Tommi

PS: "Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience." Hyman Rickover

Monday, October 01, 2007

How to build strong and stable ski legs!

Dear Snow Enthusiast,

Welcome to our ski exercise blog! This ski exercise video demonstration goes hand in hand with the latest SNOWEAST Magazine Sno Training column.

Is your movement machinery ready for the best winter ever?

Are you truly satisfied with your skiing fitness level right now?

Make sure you will be! Expect success!

Ski You Later!

Alex & Tommi "The Snotrainers"

PS: Ski Exercise Training System pre-season sale TODAY for the readers and subscribers of SNOWEAST magazine or Ski Exercises-Newsletter. CLICK HERE!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome to the SnoTrainer's Blog

Thank you for your interest in our SnoTrainer's web blog.

The skiing season 07-08 is about to be launched. The first skiing magazines are finding their way into my mailbox. I honestly thought it would be hard to get people interested in the upcoming skiing season in the beginning of September...I was so wrong!

I feel like I was the last one to crawl out of the summer hole. Everyone else is already booking ski vacations and drooling over the buyer's guides.

Anyway, I can definitely feel the refreshing breeze of winter enthusiasm myself and the "SnoTrainers" are definitely excited for the new year with some new tricks.

One of the new "tricks" of the season are:

1. SNOWEAST Magazine + SnoTraining Column

We are excited to announce our involvement with SNOWEAST, a skiing magazine that caters to the East Coast.

Look for our "SNO TRAINING" Ski/Riding conditioning column in every issue this season, brought to you by SNOWEAST and Trainforskivacation.com. The first issue with the first SnoTraining column will be published in October 2007.

The SNO TRAINING column introduces various exercises for skiing and also provides interactive ski exercise information in this web blog. The exercises from the column will be posted here with pictures and videos.

2. Ski Exercise Training System - S.E.T.S.

A comprehensive preparation plan in order to condition the skier's body for the demands of various terrain and conditions. It is a periodized exercise program for skiers who want to make the most out of this skiing season.

We hope to meet you here for the launch of the first SnowEast Magazine and the SnoTraining column in October.

Until then, stay in touch!

Train hard, ski harder!

Alex and Tommi